Personal message on why I offer this series

"Many birth preparation programs focus on educating you extensively about the birth process, anatomy, breathing techniques, pain management options, and more. It might feel like obtaining a degree in Pregnancy and Childbirth.While these programs provide valuable knowledge and a sense of control, they can also overwhelm you with details and rigid ideas of right and wrong.I believe we also need quiet moments for reflection and inner experience—to truly understand, trust, and act from within. This is especially important during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and the transformative journey into motherhood.That's why I am passionate about offering this series of workshops.We will prioritize silence, journaling and sharing to foster insights and clarity.We will create space for your inner wisdom to surface, allowing your decisions to be grounded in both external knowledge and internal intuition.During this 5-week journey, you will become an expert in your own breath. You'll also gain comfort in your mind and body through tools like breathwork, meditation and self-compassion. These skills wil not only support you during pregnancy and childbirth but also enrich your life and relationships—forever." —Katia Khomich

Are you expecting a baby in 2024?Are you experiencing light anxiety related to upcoming change?Do you find it difficult to slow down and fully embrace the change in your body & mind?Have you heard of benefits of mindfulness for birth and recovery, but you know little about it?Are you looking for like-minded community of mothers to-be, who are also interested in holistic way to approach pregnancy & recovery?

Join series of 5 stand alone workshops.You can choose to join full series or only those workshops which resonate with you most.
No strings attached.

'The best format to compliment and enhance any other birth preparation course, as it provides the perspective and clarity, necessary to trust and follow your own wisdom'

Themes week by week

Week 1: Unlock the power of your breath
Friday, May 3d at 4pm
In person @ Sukha Yoga

Say goodbye to the anxiety of forgetting breathing techniques during labor; instead, embrace its benefits daily, using it through every stage of your pregnancy, delivery, nursing and recovery.What You'll Learn:- Understand your unique breathing patterns. What serves you? What does not?
- What does it really mean when we are asked to take a deep breath? How can we reduce tension in our body by simply breathing in a more optimal way?
- Cultivate resilience through breathwork, managing stress.
Through immersive practices accompanied by soothing music, you'll start building a profound connection with your mind and body.

Week 2: Cultivate the skill of presence
Friday, May 10th, 10am

Build the muscle of mindfulness through sitting and gentle movement, and start using it immediately.Create personal experience of what it really means to be present, calm, connected and courageous as you find yourself in the midst of uncertainty and beauty of pregnancy and childbirth.What You'll Experience:- Practice staying present.
- Cultivate a mindset of curiosity, courage, and compassion, empowering you to face any challenge with patience and trust.
- Start seeing that in every moment there is a space for choice.

Week 3: Learn to process your emotions in pregnancy and postpartum
Friday, May 17th at 4pm
In person @ Sukha Yoga

Transform emotional turbulence into strength with practical algorithm designed to navigate the rollercoaster of feelings during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Through immersive training and supportive discussions, you'll feel equipped to process emotions with newfound resilience.

Week 5: Embrace the power of self-compassion for heartful birthing
Friday, May 31st at 4pm
In person @ Sukha Yoga

Experience the transformative state of self-compassion and loving-kindness, weaving a tapestry of connection and joy throughout your pregnancy and childbirth journey. Start experiencing the myriad benefits of these practices, from reduced anxiety to a profound sense of connection with yourself and others.

Week 4: Learn how to use your mind for pain management
Friday May 24 at 10am

Arm yourself with an arsenal of mindfulness tools proven to reduce perception of pain and discomfort during pregnancy and childbirth. Through hands-on practice and discussions, you'll gain invaluable insights into pain management mechanisms, leaving you feeling empowered and prepared for the journey ahead.

"I was lucky enough to have three private sessions at home with Katia. Our time together helped me get perspective, give time to think and reflect on my pregnancy and the labour to come. Thanks to her help, I managed with no pain relief. It was intense, calm, tough, but beautiful and instinctively natural. I am so grateful for her support, and breathed through the labour, despite having to be under medical care.’ – Holly

“I had a wonderful experience in this class. Can’t emphasise more the importance of taking a moment to slow down, be present, and relax (which is crucial for expecting and new moms). I'd give a solid 10/10. The instructor's voice had a transformative quality, guiding us to different dimensions during meditation (prior body movement exercises have definitely helped too). This class provided ample time for reflection and helped me feel grounded in the moment and for a few days after. Highly recommended!” – Dina

“Katia is a fantastic teacher, she has been able to create a nice atmosphere in no time and make all of us feel at ease. If you are looking for a safe space where to relax this is the place ti be!” – Federica

Why join?

mindfulness and breathwork have been shown to be effective not only during childbirth, but also during postpartum period.
during this series you will share experience with a number of other mothers to -be who are, just like you, intersted in hollistic approach to health and well-being during pregnancy & postpartum.
join full series or only those workshops which you find most relevant. Hybrid format of online & in person.
Personal touch
If you attend at least 3 workshops you will have two 1-1 calls with me. First – as an intake, to get to know each other. Second – after a couple of weeks to make sure that you are gaining benefits and all your questions are addressed.

Format : In person & onlineDates:
May 3 at 16:00, @ Sukha Yoga
May 10 at 10:00, Online
May 17, at 16:00 @ Sukha Yoga
May 24th at 10:00 online
May 31, at 16:00 @ Sukha Yoga
Duration: 60-75min
Investment: full package series 235€
or 1 workshop 55€
Not sure? Have a questions? Need a discount?
Reach out: kkhomich@gmail.com

Sukha Yoga Studio was chosen as a location for 3 in person workshops because of it's central location (in DePijp area) and a very cozy look & feel.
Address: Ceintuurbaan 243, 1074 CX Amsterdam

Who is your coach?

My name is Katia Khomich. I am a certified mindfulness & mindset coach, a yoga therapist and a breath-work facilitator. I alternates breathing, mindfulness, loving-kindness, and movement with modern techniques and insights from cognitive science.All my work is trauma informed.
My mission is to inspire 10 000 expecting women to learn mindfulness & mindset tools, and approach pregnancy and giving birth in an empowered, wiser way.
This program is consists of all the tools I am practicing today while expecting my second baby.And finally, I believe that you should not wait for your first contraction in order to start breathing and acting mindfully. You can start implementing ways of focusing, feeling and thinking – today.

This is a unique journey bringing together breathwork, mindfulness, movement, and compassion practices for birth preparation and smooth physical and emotional recovery.

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